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Saile & Saile
DUI Arrest or Traffic Tickets? Get Help Now!

Client Reviews

I was referred to Michael L. Saile, Jr., Esq. from another highly satisfied client. I was a New Jersey resident who needed legal help in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Mr. Saile clearly law explained the law to me and the pros and cons of the opposition’s case. Mr. Saile aggressively pursued my legal rights. He handled my entire matter from start to finish and did not pawn any responsiblities to a junior associate or paralegal. Mr. Saile is completely straight forward. He did not create any unreal expectations and I was completely satisfied with the services of Saile & Saile LLP, upon the resolution of my case. Mr. Saile was very accessible by telephone and email. I would reccommend their services to anyone.

-Matthew D.

I was represented by Mr. Michael L. Saile, Esq. before Bristol Township Court for an alleged traffic violation. Mr. Saile was very thorough in finding out the facts that contributed to my great satisfaction about his knowledge (both PA & NJ), experience, and helping clients. I intend to recommend this firm to family & friends.

-Mohamed H.

I have known Mr. Saile for several years now. He has handled many legal matters for me. I am completely satisfied with the representation that Saile & Saile LLP has given me. I have used Saile & Saile LLP for both business and personal matters. I will use their services again. I would highly recommend their services to anyone is PA or NJ.

-Rachel S.

Michael L. Saile, Jr. recently counseled me on a legal matter. His response to my inquiry was professional, prompt and courteous. It was a relief to know that someone with his understanding of the law was on my side. He patiently and politely answered my questions in a manner that I was easily able to understand. I highly recommend the services of Michael L. Saile, Jr. to anyone in need of legal representation.

-Lauren (Bucks County, PA)

I have known Michael Saile Jr. and his father for a few years now. They have handled several legal inquisitional matters for me, both personal and business related. They are always eager to assist and do what is right for you as an individial. Very professional and trustworthy.
I am pleased with the assistance that Saile & Saile LLP has given me and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in the need of legal representation.

-Drew E.

I need to commend Michael Jr. for all of his assistance and knowledge regarding my upcoming case. While it is unclear of what the outcome will be I have all confidence that the final decision will be the most favorable one possible. Michael’s professionalism is apparent. If I had a question where the answer was unclear, Michael would promptly research the matter and respond usually the same day. He is caring and empathetic to you not only as a client but also as a person. There is no question who will get the call if I ever need an attorney in the future.

-Jeffrey C.

I was represented by Michael Jr. today for my DUI case and he is phenomenal. I have to admit that this is my first case that I’ve ever had to deal with, but if I ever need to go to court again (which I hope not!), I’d definitely come to him first. He came recommended to me, and really came through for me. Everything he suggested might happen (in a good way) really did, and I appreciate his honesty and patience. He has a very professional demeanor and personality, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a DUI lawyer. Thank you Mike!

-Angela N.

Michael Saile, Jr. was a tremendous help to us for two recent legal matters. Aside from his excellent legal counsel, what impressed me the most was Mike’s attentiveness and responsiveness to us. Mike calmly and efficiently guided us through the legal process and we achieved the best outcome we could have expected. I would highly recommend Mike Saile, Jr. to represent you in the event you need legal assistance.

-R.D. (Newtown, PA)

Michael Jr was a great help over the last year with both a business and personal matter. He reviewed in great detail all the information, provided options and a recommendation for the best outcome. Both decisions were favorable and I was amazed with his professionalism and thoroughness. I’ll continue to use Michael Jr for any legal matters and appreciate his responsiveness in quick call backs. I would highly recommend using Saile & Saile for any legal consultation/matters. Thanks!

-Nick F.

There are so many great things that I can say about Michael Saile Jr.; he is an extremely knowledgable and talented attorney. He went above and beyond what I expected from a lawyer. Legal matters are complicated and sometimes scary, and Mike takes the time to explain all possible options and outcomes and offers sound advice because he genuinely cares about his clients. He is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

-Joe C.

I have utilized the legal services of Mr. Michael Saile with Saile and Saile, LLP several times. My experience with Mr. Saile was nothing less then a pleasurable experience. Mr. Saile exhibited the type of knowledge and expertise I expect in a legal professional and I highly recommend his services to anybody in need of competant legal representation and I will continue to use them for all of my legal needs.

-Kevin I.

Michael Saile went well above and beyond my expectations for a lawyer. He took care of certain issues I had before I had even asked. He turned what I believed to be a very stressful situation into his problem, making me feel at ease. I hope I am never in need of a lawyer again but if I do Michael Saile will be my lawyer.

-Chris Z.

I have dealt with Michael Saile Jr. several times on varying legal matters throughout the years. Michael is professional, attentive, informational, courteous and concerned. He provided a positive experience with his advice, preparation and follow-up throughout. I am pleased with the courteous, professional service which yielded positive results. I highly recommend the attorneys at Saile and Saile LLP, they are committed to their clients and do what it takes to get you the best results possible. I have an attorney that I can trust.

-Giovanna C.

-Jack M.

My experience with Saile & Saile was very comforting. They have handled our estate plan and recently Mr. Saile, Jr. had handled my traffic issue. Their firm shows compassion and understanding. I would use their firm always for any legal issue I might incur in the future, and also refer them to family and friends.

Toni C. (Bucks County, PA)

Mike, I knew I could count on you from my previous experience. I really like the way you represented me. I also want to thank your secretaries. You’re all very professional. I would definately recommend you to anyone who needs your services,

-Sirenio H.

I was more than satisfied with your services and with the outcome of my case. I would definitely use you in the future and I highly recommend your firm.

-Patricia K.

Michael L Saile Jr provided the best possible service in my case. Not only was knowledge of the legal proceedings formidable, but he was able to explain them to me. This trial caused me much anxiety which was alleviated due to the personality and knowledge of Mr. Saile. His professionalism and charismatic demeanor are qualities I wish all attorneys possessed. I cannot thank him enough for getting me through the awful process of legal proceedings and their associated challenges. I was kept in the loop from day one, and he was responsive to my legal queries. I would not recommend any other attorney. I had seen plaques of Mr. Saile’s achievements on the wall of his office, but it was in the courtroom that he truly proved his legal excellence. Saying that I am happy with the service he provided is a major understatement. Michael L Saile Jr. is the best you can get and I feel lucky to have been represented by him.


I cannot say enough good things about Mike. When I got my DUI, I had initially intended to go in by myself, figuring I had no “case”. At the last minute, I decided to give Mike a call, and it turned out to be one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. This was my first run-in with the law, and Mike kept me informed of EVERY step in the process, as well as EVERY option and EVERY possible outcome.His knowledge and guidance made a disastrous life ordeal a little easier to handle. I would use him again, and ABSOLUTELY recommend him to any family and/or friends in need of legal counsel.


My experience working with Micheal Saile has been nothing short of fantastic, both he and his staff are a pleasure to work with. He kept me informed throughout the entirety of my case and was always available anytime I needed advice, clarification, or had a question. His professionalism was evident from the day I first met him and I was confidant in his abilities to all he could to have the results of my case go in my favor. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.


Michael was very professional, knowledgeable and extremely focused during our meetings. He kept me informed all the way through which allowed me to consider my options. His attention to detail, hard work and previous experience is what it took to win my case. The final result was outstanding and I would highly recommend him to all.

-William T.

A serious traffic violation required the attention of only the best, and that is why after much research, I chose to contact Saile and Saile, LLP. My dealings with both Mike and his courteous staff were always pleasant and professional. Not to mention, any questions or concerns I had were addressed efficiently. He maintained excellent levels of communication. In doing so, he ensured that I was constantly informed about my case. I believe the positive outcome of my situation came only as a result of having the representation of Michael Saile Jr.

-Devin H.

I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the staff at Saile & Saile LLP, namely Micheal Saile in assisting and handling my recent case. He was both extremely proficient, professional and helpful in providing assistance in relation to the case. I am particularly grateful to Mr. Saile for his honest approach, realistic assessments and sound execution at the court hearing. I would most certainly be considering/recommending his firm for future matters.

-Raffaele M.

Mr. Saile was extremely helpful to me when dealing with my first traffic violation. He immediately friend requested me on facebook and got to know me a little before my court appeal. When we met he was very knowledgeable about the conditions of my traffic violation, and was also honest and upfront about the situation. Mr. Saile is a personable and honest man and I’m very glad to have been recommended to hire him by a neighbor who had previously hired him for a similar case.


Mike Saile is a honest and knowledgeable attorney. He is passionate about his profession and works very diligent for his clients. I found working with Mike Saile a real pleasure. I enjoyed dealing with Mike’s law office and found him and his staff to be very professional. I now consider him my attorney in any matter were I may need legal council in the future. I highly recommend Mike Saile if you are in need of an honest, responsive and result oriented attorney!


Outstanding service and a true professional, His knowledge and expertise is second to none, He has earned my highest recommendation in trust, promptness of response and the attentive commitment to keep me informed at all times.

-Frank M.

Michael is sharp, aggressive, successful and will make himself available, to do what has to be done.
He returned all my calls and made me feel like I was in charge of my case. He was always prepared and knew exactly what he was talking about. I would highly recommend him!


Michael was always professional and kept me well informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend him and would use him again.

-Dan W.

Mike Saile represented me in a serious case in Pennsylvania. Mr. Saile knew exactly what he was doing and always communicated with me during the case. He acted in a very professional, but friendly manner and I feel that I received best possible outcome that I could have hoped for. I would recommend Saile & Saile LLP’s legal services to anyone that is looking for an excellent, knowledgeable and professional lawyer.


I was extremely fortunate to have Michael, Jr. represent me in my DUI case. His knowledge and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations for legal counsel while he helped me navigate through a very difficult time. He was accessible, honest, and I really felt that he cared about achieving the best possible outcome for me. To anyone facing a DUI charge, I say this is the man you need to represent you. Thank you again, Mike!

-John C.

I have utilized the legal services of Mr. Michael Saile with Salie and Saile, LLP several times. Mr. Saile exhibited the type of knowledge and expertise I expect in a legal professional. He kept me infromed throughout the process, which meant a lot! I highly recommend his services to anybody in need of competant legal representation. I will continue to use Mr. Saile for all of my legal needs.

-Anonymous DUI Client

My Go-To Guy for ALL legal matters!

I cannot say enough positive things to describe my experience with Michael Saile Jr. He was very knowledgeable and had alot of great insight into my complicated estate planning needs. I was so impressed with his responsiveness, attention to detail, and overall professionalism that I have come back to him several times with varying different legal issues and have been more than 100% satisfied with the results…EVERYTIME! I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone who has legal issues that need to be tended to in a timely and professional manner!
-Deborah F.

EXCELLENT SERVICE!Mike was the best lawyer I’ve had referred to me ever. His knowledge and understanding of my situation kept me from certain doom. Without Mike in my corner going to bat for me and giving me the proper instruction I on how to face the issue I would have certainly been in a far worse situation than I was. Thanks to Mike my life was able to stay on track and run it’s course. Things could not have worked out any better if it were anybody else. Thanks Mike! You will always have my business!

-Kevin S.

Michael L Saile Jr was a great help in my legal matter,by keeping me informed on what was going on and gave me advice on what I should do to help me now and the future!!

-Johnny A.

Michael is a true professional. He took the time to understand my case, developed a sound defense strategy and effectively negotiated a 100% successful outcome. While hope to not need his services in the future, I certainly recommend him highly.

-Edward S.

when i got my dui i called 5 or six different lawyers, mike was the only one who seemed to have any gameplan other than “we’ll see what we can do” . he told me what the best case scenario would be and what he could do to help me acheive that end. he asked me what my main objectives for the case were and he kept me informed during the process (his confidence also helped me keep from totally freaking out). mike was able to get “the best case scenario” for me and i would definitely recommend him.

-Kevin X.

I came to Mike’s office seeking advice and possible representation in regard to a DUI that I received earlier this year. After discussing things with him, I realized that there was no need to search for another attorney. I found Mike to be both likable and professional. He laid out my options and advised me very well in regard to my situation. I would definitely recommend Mike for anyone seeking legal assistance, particularly in regard to DUI cases. Thanks Mike!

-David C.

100% Recommended!Michael not only saved my reputation, he saved my career. He did everything in his power to reach the best deal possible and then some. I felt like I was his only client while being represented. He is the most trustworthy and hardworking attorney I have ever met. I would recommend Michael to anyone, family included, who may be facing a DUI charge. He will put all of his effort into your case, guaranteed.

-Anonymous DUI Client

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